I started this blog to keep a record of our journey in life, including home education and our recent switch to living sugar free (as much as possible).

Who we are

Me (Caroline) a work-from-home single mum making the most of my last few months of being in my 30s.

Jacob (5) a dinosaur-obsessed cheeky little man whose aim for his adult life is to spend the morning saving endangered animals, the afternoon being a palaeontologist and the evening being a dad.

Why we home educate

I first became aware of home education when Jacob was just a baby and the more I read about it and about the current state education system, the more determined I became that I would do whatever it took to avoid him being a part of it that system. From the time that he was 18 months old I was set on the fact that he would probably never go to school (unless he insisted on it when he was old enough to know his options).

Then, in the Spring of the year that he would have been due to start school, a new business venture became available to me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give Jacob the attention he would need at the same time as growing a fledgling business, so I decided to look into the possibility of private education.

There really was only one school that I was considering and a visit to look around it sealed the deal for me. It was a small, nurturing school set in beautiful grounds, which much time spent outdoors including forest school, and Jacob would be one of only 10 children in his class with a fantastic teacher. Although I felt sad at giving up on my plans to home educate, it felt like the next best option to individualised one-on-one home education.

All went well and Jacob flourished at his school whilst I enjoyed working on my business. However in February, only 5 months into his school year, the private company who owned his school announced their plans to close the place down at the end of the school year. Despite massive effort on the part of the staff and parents to come up with a solution, the school couldn’t be saved and sadly we all had to make alternative arrangements for the following year.

The majority of Jacob’s class has moved on to another local, small independent school and although I seriously considered sending Jacob there the fees were already become a big drain on my income and I just didn’t have the same feeling about the new school as I’d done with his original one. I couldn’t reconcile stretching myself so much financially for some place that just didn’t light me up in the same way.

So, a year later than originally planned, we’re back to the original plan of home education. And I couldn’t be happier!

Why Eat. Play. Love. Learn?

Well, my original blog, which was a journal of the early years of Jacob’s life, was called Eat.Play.Love (in homage to the novel). But now that we’re on our educational journey together I decided to add the Learn. I think the name sums up perfectly our life together!